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Quotable Quote:

"Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you
are wonderful."
- Ann Landers


bullet One dog

$24 night

bullet Two or more dogs

$23 night per dog

bullet Cats

$18 night


bullet Bath/Nails*

$20 & up

small dog-short hair
bullet Bath/Nails*

$25 & up

small dog-long hair
bullet Bath/Nails*

$30 & up

large dog-short hair
bullet Bath/Nails*

$40 & up

large dog-long hair (price depends on amount of coat)
bullet Full grooming

$45 & up



A bath & nails includes Bath, Nail Trim, Clean out ears & Check anal glands  



Bluegrass Pet Chalet 2018

Policies & Procedures:

Pets must be checked in no later than 5:00 PM Monday - Friday & no later than 3:00 on Saturday

We cannot accept your pet without proof of vaccinations.

We request a deposit of $50 for any new customer wishing to make a reservation during peak times.  The deposit is applied to your total upon check-out.

We cannot accept pets with stitches, bandages, a cast, head cone or splint.  These pets have special needs that can be better serviced in a veterinary/hospital setting.

Although we keep elderly pets, we are not comfortable keeping those with health issues.  Those are better serviced by your veterinarian.